Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Stone That Sings, Chapter 15

The Masters and the Loresinger

So I'm following an outline, and I've been dying to get to this chapter out for several reasons. One, because this ties together so many sub-plots that I've taken, and two because all of a sudden, not all the stakes are interpersonal.

Three, because I asked Tremor months ago to use his piece Chant of War, and he graciously accepted, and I wanted the chapter to capture the same sense of mysticism that Tremor carried forward from the Kavala. So I built this up in my head until almost anything that I threw down to pixels was going to be a disappointment. Hopefully, not too much so. A few spoilers below the fold.

All points considered, I'm fairly pleased with the chapter, though I'll probably make little adjustments here and there. The chapter has been rattling around my head for a while, even as I slowly worked my way toward it, getting nudged in one direction or another.  It's the first real indication that even Master Surot doesn't have full control of the situation, and also the first real indicator that no, Juliette can't simply become a Vulcan.

This chapter also matures the relationship between T'Mar and Juliette, both strong characters in their own rights, but in different ways. Juliette is less concerned about new things -- being a new thing herself, but T'Mar is the one who pushes the boundaries of what she's comfortable with has possibly the most mastery of the monastery systems next to Pylkau.

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  1. It's a really great feeling when you finally get something down that's been rattling around your head and getting increasingly desperate to escape. :)