Monday, January 26, 2015

Octanti Encounter at the Borg Battlefield

It only made sense for the USS Robert Hooke, an Oberth class science vessel, to meet with the Cooperative at the battlefield near the Jenolan Sphere. It was a symbolic location --  the site of the destruction of so many of the Collective. It was also a practical location --  the remaining wreckage provided excellent cover for  the Cooperative vessels  against Octanti scanners.

The Valkyrja  and The Paladin, newly outfitted with upgrades, emerged from warp, making careful scans of the system and the Robert Hooke herself.  Once they were satisfied the system was secure, Captains Lahn and Quint beamed over to a Cooperative cube to meet the Hooke's science teams. Despite visiting a Cooperative ship, Lahn insisted on a heavy security detail, quietly carrying a large array of anti-borg weaponry.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sri's Daily Schedule

Start Time
End Time
18:00 0:00 6:00 Sleep
0:00 0:15 0:15 Meditation: Focus
0:15 1:00 0:45 Excitatory and inhibitory tran-ion flow test. Exercise, Gym Level - Cardio -- Light weights
1:00 1:45 0:45 Shower, Dress
1:45 2:15 0:30 Breakfast: -- fruit, kalam nuts, half a sweet bread. Deka tea
Review Overnight Lab Results from Science Teams and Messages
2:15 2:30 0:15 Tyee Science Team Morning Brief with Chiefs
2:30 2:45 0:15 Attend XO Brief (XO many times dismisses this meeting)
2:45 4:45 2:00 Science team Activities
4:45 5:00 0:15 Meditation: Focus
5:00 6:00 1:00 Science Team Activities
6:00 6:15 0:15 Late Morning Snack -- Fruit, or cold vegetables
6:15 8:45 2:30 Science Team Activities
8:45 9:15 0:30 Afternoon Meal, check Stereoisomer levels
9:15 9:30 0:15 Meditation: Relaxation
9:30 10:30 1:00 Cadet Officer Hours
10:30 12:15 1:45 Lab Work
12:15 12:30 0:15 Meditation: Relaxation
12:30 12:45 0:15 Afternoon Snack
12:45 13:00 0:15 Tyee XO Brief (XO many times dismisses this meeting)
13:00 13:15 0:15 Science Team Evening Brief with Chiefs
13:15 13:30 0:15 Meditation: Focus
13:30 15:00 1:30 Holodeck Training: Piloting, Command Simulations
15:00 15:30 0:30 Light Evening Meal
15:30 17:30 2:00 Free Time
17:30 18:00 0:30 Test Neurotransmitter and Psilopsynine levels.
Meditation: Relation, Reflection

Juliette Sri's Fate, Accelerated Character Sheet

This is Lt Juliette Sri's FATE Accellerated Character Sheet - For right now.

Juliette Sri

High Concept: Betazoid Chief Science Officer of the USS Oppenheimer
Trouble: Sometimes Senses Too Much
Other Aspects: Scion of the 433rd House of Betazed; At the Center of an Understaffed Ship


Careful: Good(+3)
Clever: Fair(+2)
Flashy: Average (+1)
Forceful: Mediocre (+0)
Quick: Fair (+2)
Sneaky: Average (+1)


Minor Telekinetic: Because I am a minor telekinetic, I can do minor manipulation or an attack based on my Forceful. However, after doing so, I will suffer a consequence.

Master of Defensive Techniques: Because I have mastered defensive techniques, I get a +2 to mental defense against a mental attack

Stress: OOO


Mild (2)
Moderate (4)
Severe (6)

Refresh: 3

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Background of Juliette Sri


Sri is many things -- In the top 10% of Betazoid telepaths, 2nd Scion of the 433 House of Betazed, an expert in the psionic sciences and an ambitious Star fleet Officer. As much as she tries to keep her life as a Betazoid and her life as a Starfleet officer separate, sometimes these worlds interfere with each other, and other times collide with spectacular results. She followed the ups and downs of Betazoid society ravenously until the death of her sister, which disgusted her when she couldn't understand why the news improved the status of her family. She has gradually come to terms with this, and uses her successes to boost the standing of her own house, but refuses to take on the duties of the 2nd Scion of House Sri. Her family life is complicated -- with her eldest sister stepping into the role of Matron of House Sri, her older brother constantly in trouble with the law, and a younger brother following in her flootsteps toward Starfleet -- something that troubles her deeply because in her darker moments, she feels its her fate to die in space like her sister.

Sri is a brutally scrupulous telepath, and knows that many beings cannot help but shout their thoughts in their heads. Secrets she hears stay secret, and she never prys. Because of her condition with Evans, she can get overwhelmed by sheer volume of thoughts, but she spent 4 years on vulcan learning to control. Her defense is very strong, and very little gets into her mind when she is strong and well-rested. She is also very observant, sensing the presence of others fairly easily. She has been known to use her background in psychology -- part of the psionic sciences -- to convince normally resistant species she is psychic -- Ferengi Bartenders being er favorite target. Psionically, her attacks are normal for a strong-willed Betazoid andh er fighting style is to let her opponent wear themselves out on her shields, and then punch them. Sri does have a minor telekinetic attack -- on the order of 20-30 microgellars. This almost always results in her getting a nosebleed and being dizzy for a period of time.

As an officer, she is friendly and outgoing, and like most Betazoids has a flair for the diplomatic. Her skills in the psionic sciences make her perfectly serviceable as a medical technician and she knows her way to working most models of EMH -- dealing with their various personalities.. She's always happy to explain (and get help on!) her latest project. At the same time, her graduating class was decimated by the Undine attack. She hates the Undine with a passion, and also is very concerned about Star ship and star base safety protocols. She can be a stickler for the rules when it comes to safety and security.

Sri carries a tremendous obligation -- as part of her presentation to the Daystrom Institute, she earned the trust of a species called the Tevi. They are a mistrustful species, and lost in the Alpha Quandrant in ship that is surprisingly low-tech (still using spin gravity) but has an unusual hyperdrive. She has been trying to find a base for them to repair, refuel and perhaps find their bearings to get home. Her first thought was K-7, but the political situation in the sector has deteriorated to the point she doesn't trust that the defenseless ship could be adequately protected. She spends much of her free time trying to find their home, or find ways to improve the poor diplomacy between Star fleet and the Tevi.


Lars Sri (paternal); Betazoid; Betazed; Mathematical Sociologist
Sedna Sri (maternal); Betazoid; Betazed; deceased
Kanara (oldest Sister); Betazoid; Betazed; Matron of House Sri (Current Rank 433rd)
Kent (oldest Brother); Betazoid; Delta Quadrant; Merchant -- Failed Academy in year 3
Lara (older sister); Betazoid; Betazed; Starfleet Lt; USS Tarns Nebula; deceased
Ramel (younger brother); Betazoid; Betazed; Student


2408 - Joined Academy
2412- Completed coursework in 2409, transfers for field work to Starbase Praetorian
2412 - Serves as Medical Technician on Alpha site after destruction of Praetorian
2412 - Serves as psionic combat specialist to free crewmen from Undine 'reprogramming'
2412 - Graduated 2 months early; promoted to Ensign
2413 - Services on First Contact Team on the Beta Moon of Hokken III, validating sentience of a local plant life
2413 - Promoted to Lietenant, Junior Grade
2413 - Presents at Daystom Scientific Conference on Mars
2413 - Part of Diplomatic team establishing diplomatic relations with the Tevi -- Injured in the line of duty
2413 - Requested Transfer to USS Tyee; Science Officer

2414 - Transferred to Alpha Centauri Institute -- USS Bath, Chief Science Officer -- Promoted to Lt. Commander.
2414 - Transferred to USS Oppenheimer -- Chief Science Officer, Chief of Operations, Third Officer

Meanwhile, Aboard the Tyee

Cadet Potter prepared to ring the chime on Lieutenant Sri's door when he heard, "Come in, Cadet Potter".

The light of the hallway forced its way into her dimmed quarters. Cadet Potter peered into the gloom at Lieutenant Sri, her features harshly lit by the glow of the PADD propped up on her desk, a heavy mug cradled in her hands. For a moment, she appeared to him to be made of wax, glowing and translucent, until her head shifted slightly and she looked at him.

"Its alright, Cadet" Sri said as Cadet Potter continued to linger uncertainly in the doorway, "I just have a small headache. Computer, room lights to 50%." The room brightened visibly.


Lt. Sri's Presentation to the Daystrom Institute

Ensign Juliette Sri ended her presentation displaying current map of the P268  – more affectionately called The Outback – in relationship to the Milky Way on the holoprojector for all the attendees in the secondary hall to see. It was a map based on models the Daystrom Institute, the hosts of this conference, had spent thousands of hours in researcher and computational time building. It was those very same models she had just spent the last 45 minutes discrediting.

The image zoomed away from the Outback until the dwarf galaxy was only a small dot among the galaxies of the Local Group, and continued racing outward, until the map encompassed the entirety of the Virgo Supercluster. In a few seconds even that was too small to see, leaving a field of complete darkness as the house lights brightened, revealing a hall and audience Sri had tried to forget existed as she watched the universe zoom out to insignificance.

Life of a 3rd Year Cadet

The sickbay of the USS Antares was in a power saving mode when Sri first arrived. First, the room was dark, then suddenly brightly lit. She paused to let her eyes adjust to the light, and regard sickbay. The spartan, flat biobeds with the heavy, blocky biofunction monitors above them to her more modern sensibilities looked quaint --- almost baroque.

"Computer, activate the Emergency Medical Hologram"

The air shimmered just a few meters away. The EMH was clearly designed to appear competent without intimidation -- mature and scholarly with a dash of mousy harmlessness thrown in. Tens of thousands engineering hours to create an EMH that made patients feel better simply by the sight of it and Sri merely regarded the EMH with weary resignation.