Thursday, March 5, 2015

Returning Home, Part Five

Juliette slept well, despite being too tired to properly conduct her evening meditation. The household was full of disciplined minds, which made her need to properly shield herself from random thoughts unnecessary.  Instead of waking to a particularly strong emotional outburst near her quarters, she awoke to the smell of pastries backing, the small pungent eggs that were soft boiled in broth, orange peel and anise. The smells that came from food being prepared, a step skipped with replication station.

The family was surprised to see her in her Starfleet uniform when she arrived on the main patio for breakfast, but she waited until after breakfast to tell them she had to cut her leave short and return to the station.

The fact Ramel tried to hide his disappointment behind a noncommittal shrug bothered her, but she left him his space. Even Papa was hurt, but he didn’t hide it.

Karana tsked. Typical Jul. At least you managed to actually arrive this time. I suppose I’ll make the cancellations.

This is the moment when I would  get mad and go to my room. Juliette thought to herself. Jul could stuff a plate of pastries and sulk. But she was Lieutenant Commander Sri, caught between the high houses of Betazed and the Daystrom Institute.

If there are cancellations to be made, Matron, I would be willing to offer them personally. But I have scheduled my departure for late tonight, so I will tutor Ashe in Vulcan and I will try to prevent Tierse from creating too many self-inflicted wounds at his rebuttal jury. There are specific exercises and meditations that are normally done at sunset as part of  kareel-ifla that if the Matron of Cole could join us…

Karana didn’t bother hiding her pleasure or her surprise.  I will make arrangements. Her mood turned to the suspicious. What *have* you gotten yourself into?

Juliette laughed with a slight nervousness as she poured more tea. I’m not sure yet. Daystrom seems intent on killing the Biome project. And houses throughout the Chillat seem to want to be affiliated with it somehow. With my previous assignment and rank in Starfleet, all I could have done was smile and nod. But I recently transferred to a ship affiliated with the Alpha Centauri Institute, which gives me...options.

Make sure those ‘options’ do not earn us the ire of the Hectat. Kanara cautioned.

Make sure you don’t get yourself into trouble, either.  Papa added.

Juliette nodded to be both, unsure she could keep any telepathic reply free of the apprehension eating at her.


Juliette tried to doze on the shuttle up to the Eye of Rixx, but her drowsiness was routed by speculation  as her thoughts to the message from Dr. Saurn that arrived as she was boarding the shuttle. Biome Project under review by Life Sciences Project Board. Will provide more information as I learn more. Thankfully, the shuttle was empty save for her and the taciturn pilots, so she could let her reactions oscillate between possessive rage over the Biome and cold calculation of Daystrom politics, each swing less extreme, settling into a determined equilibrium.